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Minutes and Meetings

minutes and meetings

Meetings Module

Meetings are very important for the success of any organization.  there are two main types of meetings in co-operative societies:

  • General Meetings
  • Committee Meetings

It is through the meetings that crucial decisions are made. Scheduling a meeting and keeping track of every activity done is not a simple task. With Sacco MIS meeting Module it gives provision to schedule meetings, send notification to Members, Minute writing, Document upload and Marking attendance.

Schedule New Meeting

The admin, secretary or person in charge of meetings is able to add a new meeting specify the meeting time or date. Add all members to attend the meeting and send email or SMS notifications.

Gives provision to add Notification Message to be sent to members.

Editing Meeting Created

In case of any mistake done when scheduling the meeting, one is able to edit the stated meeting and give the correct details. Also gives provision to delete the meeting.

Editing and Adding Meeting Minutes

With a well formulated format the secretary is able to type the minutes and save. The minutes will be attached to the meeting and saved for future reference

Document Upload

Gives provision to attach documents needed for the meeting or used during the meeting

Member Meeting Attendance

Admin is able to keep track of members attendance attached to that meeting.