Sacco Management System

Welcome To Sacco MIS

Sacco MIS is the best Sacco Micro Finance Software in East and Central Africa. 

Our Features

Savings and Deposits Guarantorship Loan Processing

-Savings account created: transaction account and contributions account

-Member is able to track financial statement periodically.

-Contribution account linked to loan to allow computation of loan amount a member can borow

-Scalable allows admin to add different types of savings account and specify if its a core account or member account

-Loan application and guarantee request against the loan

-Tracking of guarantors approval

-Re-computation of guarantee amount each time a loan is payed

-Guarantors ability to reject, approve or reduce the amount requested.

-Real time approval of loan requested

-Admin is able to view guarantee request

-Loan processing workflow: allows definition of number of officials responsible for loan approvals

-Loan repayment calculation: with the interest expected from the loan and monthly repayment amount

-Automatic double entry done on members account 

Shares & Dividends Financial Reporting Helpdesk

-Track member shares

-Calculation of dividend amount at the end of year  based on member shares and profit earned.

-Real time member report on shares available

-Real time reporting on the status of the sacco

-Reports showing amount available for the different account

-Handle customer queries efficiently

-Assign and escalate issues raised to different officials

-Track progress of issues raised

-Close tickets and give feed back to the members