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Deposit Desk

Savings and members contributions is the back born of all Sacco operations. With Sacco MIS the deposit desk allows Sacco Members to do their Monthly, weekly, daily etc deposit contributions and get approval from the individual in charge of cash, either the Credit officer, Accountant or treasurer. This also lessens the work and burden that would have been given to the person in charge.



This allows one to make a new deposits

Click on +NEW to do a new deposit

 The below form will be displayed on the screen :

One is required to fill the total amount to be deposited, the activity type whether it is bank deposit or cash deposit, the data and the frequency of the deposit. The individuals account number will be auto picked from the system.

Proof of payment is also mandatory to enable the person in charge of approval review and confirm the deposit done.


Select Payment proof:

Select the scanned receipt from bank or any other source that payment was made through.


After inputting the amount , filling all relevant fields as expected and attaching the proof of payment click SAVE

Once this is done: The option for distributing the amount deposited to various accounts will be displayed on same window below payment proof :

Click on + to make a new deposit

Select the activity type, input the amount to be apportioned for that particular account. It gives provision to select the period that payment should reflect. Save the record, click + to do a new deposit.

Once satisfied with the allocations save the record. The deposit and allocations done will be ready for submission and approval from the admin.

There is also for deleting the record in case one made an error.

Once the record is submitted it will be visible on the admin side for approval: After which money will be transferred to the different accounts indicated upon approval.